Calypso comes with:

  • Head (semi moving jaw, following eyes, muzzle fan)
  • Bodysuit (digitigrade, front zipper, padding included)
  • Handpaws (5 fingers, vinyl pawpads and claws, lined)
  • Feetpaws (lined, indoor bottoms)
  • Tail
  • Reference Artwork and badges

Calypso should fit anyone 5’3″-6’4″ and up to 240lbs.
Here are the measurements:

  • Crotch to neck is 38″
  • Inseam is 32″
  • Chest is 45″
  • Hips are 48″
  • Arm is 28″ from pit to wrist
  • Bicep is about 16″
  • Head should fit up to 24″

Minor adjustments can be made for people who are thinner or slightly shorter.

Terms and conditions:

  • Payment plans of 3 payments or less will be considered, however payment must be made in full before the item is shipped.
  • Trades are not being considered at this time
  • You are required to be at least 18 years old to make an offer
  • Offer does not include the price of shipping
  • Please don’t make an offer you cannot afford and do not make an offer if you are not serious